Veteran’s Arts Council

VFW Post 1, located in the Denver Santa Fe Arts District, recently launched the Veteran’s Arts Council (VAC), the first of its kind in the country. The VAC will showcase and mentor artists of all mediums who have served in the Armed Forces. Veterans of all generations have a something to say, and the VAC at VFW Post 1 will be a platform to express that voice.

The Veteran’s Arts Council will expand VFW Post 1’s community partnerships with local universities, colleges and cultural organization for artistic development, resources and support for Veterans. The VAC also provides workshops, lectures and mentorships with professional artists on how to run a successful business as an artist. The goal of the VAC is to both empower Veterans to transform their experiences into media that allow civilians to understand them and to contribute to the creative community in Denver; a community that enriches civic life for all citizens.

The VAC is unique to Colorado. This program is specifically designed to include all forms of art, integrate Veterans and the community, and positively impact the culture and civic community through art.   We are also in the midst of a demographic shift among Veterans.  Current conflict Veterans are civically engaged to a degree not seen since WWII.  It is imperative that this energy be captured now so that this generation of Veterans will habituate their community engagement into the future.

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